Kintamani Besakih Tour | Bali Volcano & Mother Temple Bali Trip

Kintamani Besakih tour package, a full-day trip itinerary to Bali volcano, Besakih mother temple Bali, and other top places to visit in Northeast Bali

Bali Kintamani Besakih Tour is a one-day tour package to go to Bali volcano and Besakih mother temple of Bali. Kintamani Besakih trip is one of the most popular Bali full day tour packages together with Kintamani volcano tour with Ubud village.

Kintamani Besakih tour package will spend approximately 9 - 10 hours to explore the north-eastern part of Bali island, Indonesia. During these hours we will see and visit interesting places that will give you unforgettable experiences to know the culture of Bali, the historical places in Bali and also the beautiful view of Batur volcano and its lake.

Kintamani Volcano also well-known as Batur Volcano or Bali Volcano is a very active volcano on the island of Bali which has an altitude of 1,717 meters above sea level, Kintamani becomes very popular for tourists because it has a beautiful panorama of Mount Batur and lake view with a cool atmosphere.

Besakih Temple (Indonesian: Pura Besakih) also known as Bali Mother Temple is the largest Hindu temple in Bali island which is very sacred by the Balinese. Besakih Temple is located on the slopes of Mount Agung which is known as the highest mountain in Bali.

Kintamani Besakih Tour - Bali Volcano and Mother Temple Bali Day Trip - Kintamani Volcano & Besakih Temple Tour Package - Bali Full Day Tour
Tour Package Kintamani Besakih Tour Bali
Tour ID KBT-01
Tour Duration 9 - 10 hours (Full Day)
Tour Itinerary 1. Batubulan Village
2. Celuk Village
3. Batuan Village
4. Mas Village
5. Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave)
6. Coffee Plantation
7. Lunch
8. Besakih Temple
Tour Price IDR 550,000 /vehicle
Vehicle Capacity Maximum 5 persons
Pick Up Time 8.00 AM
Pick Up Location Covered Canggu, Seminyak, Legian,
Denpasar, Sanur, Pecatu,
Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Ubud,
Kuta, Benoa Harbor, Airport.

Please contact us for pick-up in other areas in Bali.
Price Included 1. English Speaking Driver
2. Toll Fees
3. Petrol
4. Parking Fees
Price NOT Included 1. Lunch
2. Entrance Fees
3. Personal Expenses (shopping, etc)
The tour is private (NOT a sharing tour)
The price quoted is per vehicle (NOT per person)
The booking should be made at least one day in advance
Booking - Kintamani Volcano Bali & Besakih Mother Temple Bali Tour

Kintamani Volcano Bali Tour & Besakih Temple Bali Day Trip Itinerary

Below is the Bali Kintamani Besakih tour itinerary in one day from 9 - 10 hours with the selections of top Bali tourist attractions from Bali Places Tour. Please be informed that the full day Kintamani Besakih excursion is private with a private vehicle, which is only you (your family or your partner) and our driver. Check out also our Bali half day tour programs for many other interesting itineraries which are available in half day if you would like to do a sightseeing tour for a short day.

1. Batubulan Village: To Watch Barong & Keris Dance Show

The first destination to be visited on Kintamani volcano & Besakih temple excursion is the Batubulan village to watch the traditional Balinese Barong & Keris dance performance. Batubulan is typically widely known for the central part of natural stone carvings in Bali, Indonesia.

Batubulan Barong and Keris Dance Performance - Kintamani Volcano Besakih Temple Tour Bali
Barong and Keris dance - Batubulan Village, Bali

"Barong" during this Balinese dance show is a lion-like beast and figure in the mythology of Bali. He is absolutely the king of the spirits, leader of the hosts of good, and the combatant of "Rangda", the demon queen and mother of the most of the spirit guarders in the mythological beliefs of Bali. The battles between Barong and Rangda is shown in Barong dance overall performance to symbolize the never-ending combat between right and wrong or good and bad.

2. Celuk Village: To See Gold and Silver Handicrafts

Celuk is the 2nd spot to visit in the variety of Bali Kintamani volcano and Besakih temple tour package. Celuk is the widely known village on the island of Bali as a touristic area caused by its residents tend to be active and good for creating motifs to the gold and silver jewelry production.

Celuk Gold and Silver Jewelry Factory Store - Kintamani Besakih Excursion - Bali Activities
Gold and Silver Handicrafts - Celuk Village, Bali

The most of these gold and silversmiths continue their work for the newest style and design in situations when they are ordered. Along the main roads, we could quickly find out various art stores and also jewelry manufacturer. Every single art shops have a workshop where the customers could see the artisans producing the hand-crafted silver jewelry.

3. Batuan Village: To See The Balinese Art Paintings

Batuan village is the 3rd place to visit in our selections of Kintamani Bali volcano tour with Besakih Bali mother temple, Batuan is located around 9 km or only nearly 20 minutes from Ubud town. Batuan is a village in Bali, Indonesia.

Batuan Art Painting - Kintamani Bali Volcano Tour and Bali Mother temple Besakih Tour - Bali Tourist Attractions
Balinese Art Painting - Batuan Village, Bali

It is so far famous for its artworks and model of hand-painted drawing which has been started in the village in the 1930s and has since shown up in a major Balinese art style, frequently known as a Batuan painting style. This is definitely the primary painting central and has lots of art galleries and collaborating art groups which have presented most in supporting the art painting of Batuan.
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4. Mas Village: To See The Balinese Wooden Art Crafts

The 4th place to go in Kintamani Besakih excursion is Mas carving center. Mas is a village nearby of Ubud, Gianyar regency, Bali. Mas is known for the wooden created handicrafts and furniture items with superior export grade and also properly prepared and checked.

Mas Wood Carving - Bali Kintamani & Besakih Tour - Bali Places of Interest
Wood Carvings - Mas Village, Bali

Mas is a central part of wood carvings in Bali island, many of the people in the town of Mas may well carve the timber crafted statues and furniture with various sorts of styles and also impressive creativeness, so many family members in Mas village making wooden crafts for sell and export. Here we can easily discover diversified galleries from small to the big one to exhibit and offer wooden arts and crafts which have been popular globally.

5. Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave) Temple Bali

The 5th tourist attraction to visit in Kintamani Besakih day trip is Goa Gajah Temple or popularly known as Elephant Cave Temple (Indonesian: Pura Goa Gajah). It is located within Bedulu village near to Ubud village, constructed in the 9th century and it authorized for a sanctuary.

Goa Gajah Temple - Elephant cave Temple - Kintamani Besakih Day Trip - Things to Do in Bali
Goa Gajah Temple (Elephant Cave Temple) - Bedulu Village, Ubud, Bali

At the facade or outside of the cave is a relief of various creepy creatures and demons carved within the rock at the cave entrance. The primary figure was once considered to be an elephant, that is the reason why the nickname is Elephant Cave. The place is mentioned in the Javanese poem Desawarnana composed in 1365. A broad showering part on the site was not dug until the 1950s. A majority of these tend to have been built to defend and also protect against bad spirits. This site was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List on October 19, 1995, in the Cultural category.

6. Coffee Plantation: To Visit The Famous Luwak Coffee Plantations

The 6th place to see on Besakih Temple and Kintamani Bali Volcano Tour is to stop by the coffee plantations on the way to Kintamani highland points. Have you any idea relating to "Luwak Coffee"? It is probably the greatest coffee around the earth.

Luwak Coffee Plantations - Kintamani Bali Besakih Temple Sightseeing Tour
Luwak Coffee Plantation - Bangli Regency, Bali

Luwak Coffee or Civet Coffee (Indonesian: Kopi Luwak), means that the coffee made up of part-digested coffee cherries eaten and defecated by the Asian palm civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus). For those of you that absolutely love caffeine, then we intend to stop here to take a look at exactly how the activities of processing The Luwak Coffee traditionally but the cleanliness kept in priority, and the satisfying thing is we could taste it or even purchase it.

7. Buffet Lunch in Restaurant at Kintamani

We will stop at the restaurant for having a lunch break with wonderful landscapes and fresh cold ambiance of the mountainous areas of Kintamani Bali. Kintamani is a highland area of north-eastern Bali at the Mount Batur caldera, it is notable as just Kintamani.

Restaurant Kintamani Volcano Buffet Lunch - One Day Kintamani Besakih Tour - Places to Visit in Bali
Buffet Lunch in restaurant at Kintamani, Bali

Kintamani is located on the rim of the large Batur caldera approximately 1,500 m above sea level and offers lovely vistas of the lake Batur and also the Batur Volcano that is definitely recognized for the most active volcano on this paradise island of Bali, Indonesia.
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8. Besakih Temple: To Visit The Biggest Temple & Mother Temple of Bali

The last destination to go on Kintamani and Besakih day tour is to visit the mother temple of Bali. Besakih Temple (Indonesian: Pura Besakih) is a temple complex in the village of Besakih on the slopes of Mount Agung (Indonesian: Gunung Agung) in the eastern part of Bali island, Indonesia. It is the primary, the biggest and holiest temple of Hindu religion in Bali, and one of a range of Balinese temples.

Biggest Temple in Bali - Besakih Temple Tour and Kintamani Bali Volcano - Places to Visit in Bali
Besakih Temple - Karangasem Regency, Bali

Besakih Temple was built in the 8th Century, it is situated in the Village of Besakih, Rendang Districts, Karangasem Regency, Bali, that has been built by Rsi Markandeya.

Besakih Temple is a mix classic concept of Indonesian culture with megalithic traditions, and Hindu Principle as turn out to be a symbolic representation of Tri Loka (Bottom level, Middle level, and Top level world).

FAQ About The Full Day Kintamani Volcano Bali & Besakih Mother Temple Bali Tour Package

Below are the most frequently asked questions about Bali Kintamani and Besakih temple sightseeing tour package, feel free to contact us for more information.

  1. What is included in Kintamani - Besakih excursion package?
    It's included Air-conditioned vehicle, English speaking driver, parking fees, petrol, toll fees.

  2. What is NOT included in Bali Kintamani Besakih tours package?
    It's not included your meal (lunch), personal expenses (shopping, etc), entrance fees to visit tourist places and Balinese dances performances.

  3. What to bring in Kintamani - Besakih trip?
    You will need to dress in simple casual outfits, bring along a bottle of mineral drinking water to avoid dehydration (the Island of Bali has high humidness), sunscreen to stay clear of skin burn (Bali is hot), Sunglasses, cash (for lunch, entrance fees, or shopping), medicines (if you are on treatment), camera/smartphone.

  4. How much the entrance ticket price to see Bali Barong & Keris dance performance?
    The entrance fee to watch Batubulan Bali Barong and Keris dance show is IDR 100,000 per person (updated 2018), you could pay directly in the location.

  5. Any specific rules, etiquette or dress code to enter Balinese Hindu temple?
    Yes, all Bali temples are sacred, as a way to respect the holiness of the temples we should follow certain restrictions. The general etiquette to visit Bali temple, such as to wear Balinese sarong or scarf (could mostly be rented in the location or often times it's included in entrance ticket price), cover-up your upper body (dress in simple clothes and wear a top that a minimum of coverings your shoulders), you must not enter into any temple in Bali during menstrual cycle (for the ladies). We are sorry for the inconveniences, however, these are some basic guidelines to comply for visitors when doing temple touring in Bali.

  6. How much the entrance fee to enter Kintamani area?
    The entrance fee to enter Kintamani tourist area is IDR 30,000/person (valid 2018, entrance fee may change without prior notice).

  7. What type of food is offered for lunch in the restaurant at Kintamani?
    Most of the restaurants in Kintamani are providing buffet lunch with a variety of menu (normally Indonesian food). We are going to take you to the standard and nice one for your own lunch while viewing the gorgeous sight of Batur Volcano as well as lake Batur in Kintamani Bali.

  8. How much the entrance fee to visit Goa Gajah Temple or Elephant Cave Temple?
    The entrance ticket price for visiting Goa Gajah temple is IDR 50,000/person (valid 2018, entrance fee may change without prior notice).

  9. How much the entrance fee to visit Besakih Temple?
    The entrance ticket price for visiting Besakih mother temple of Bali is IDR 60,000/person (valid 2018, ticket price may change without prior notice).

  10. Is it safe for tourists to visit Besakih temple?
    Yes, it is safe, as long as you follow our advice about what to do and what should not do around the temple. We will give you detail recommendation about visiting Besakih temple for your convenience.

  11. I'm interested in taking the Bali Kintamani Besakih Tour Package, how I book?
    You could easily email us or you could complete the form at our booking page to book the Kintamani volcano and Besakih temple day tour package or various other tours and activities by mentioning the ID which is published in every single tour offers on our site (ex: KBT-01 for Kintamani Besakih sightseeing day tour) and you should book at least one day before.

  12. How I pay for Bali Kintamani volcano tour package and how much the cost?
    At the moment we take the payment by cash and the cost is IDR 550,000 (Indonesian Rupiah), you could pay straight to our driver which come with you for Bali Kintamani Besakih tour activities. We are going to convert the price depending on daily exchange rates if you wish to pay in a different currency. Please be informed that the price tag on Kintamani Besakih trip package above is per vehicle (not per person).


Bali Kintamani Besakih Tour is a full day trip to visit the biggest temple in Bali called Besakih temple and also visit the Kintamani village with the stunning scenery of Batur Volcano and Lake Batur. This is also one of the best things to do in Bali in one day for travelers who wants to explore Bali island, especially in the north-eastern part. The Kintamani Besakih tour is a private day trip, accompanied by professional and friendly Balinese driver and provided with a legal and registered vehicle for tours transportation.

Kintamani Besakih Tour: Bali Volcano & Mother Temple Bali Trip | Bali Places Tour

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